Robert Hughson

Photographer, Mountaineer, and Ultra Marathoner

"I’m very meticulous. To me, everything needs to run like a Swiss watch," says Robert Hughson, photographer, mountaineer, and ultra marathoner. "When I wondered how I could become a better runner, better climber and have more endurance, I realized that I had to start with my nutrition – basically whatever I put into my body had to make me stronger and more in control physically."

Robert takes CanPrev’s ElectroMag because he knows that magnesium is crucial for the production of ATP, an energy-bearing molecule that fuels physical activity, especially running. “I get a sustainable burn from ElectroMag instead of the crash and burn that I used to get from sports drinks,” says Robert. He also takes CanPrev CORE for Men because of its plant-based nutrients and multivitamins geared to the male athlete’s needs. Robert credits both ElectroMag and Core for helping to lessen the frequency of runner’s knee, shin splints and stress fractures caused by his marathon running sessions. He’s also found Omega-Pro especially helpful in reducing the inflammation he experiences after his workouts. Not just any supplements will do for a perfectionist like Robert. He uses CanPrev because the ingredients are pure, nutritious and live up to their claims. Says Robert, "CanPrev products allow me to get out there, and stay out there."

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"Let me start off by saying ElectroMag is an excellent product! One of the key noticeable differences I have seen with using this product is that with sustained use I have experienced less shin pain from running. Also, when I perform high intensity workouts such as interval training or hill repeats I find that my body feels refreshed the next day."

CanPrev Core for Men

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"The Core for Men provides an excellent foundation for me to launch myself in the direction of my training goals. Not only does the shake taste great due to it's natural flavors but the nutrients provided in each serving ensure that I am prepared for each training run or workout while also ensuring that I am fully recovered from my last one. This is my daily shake, I have one each morning and I also ensure to have an additional one after each training run or workout to give my body what it needs to repair itself."


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"My key to quick recovery after high intensity training sessions. During this time of the year I find myself doing a lot of strength and interval training in order to build a foundation that I can harness for the upcoming race season. Like most athletes, this type of training causes inflammation in my muscles which can hinder my ability to perform the next day. However, I have found that by taking curcumin-pro three times a day the inflammation in my muscles leaves my body quickly allowing my to focus on my next workout or race."


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"Whether I need a mood boost or I just want to protect my joints from the stress of training for my next ultramarathon I have found that CanPrev's Omega-Pro has me covered. Not only does this product have a great taste but I have found that by proactively supplementing with Omega-Pro I have reduced the inflammation that would typically occur after hard track workouts or long trail runs."