Jenna Mangan

Yoga Instructor & Nutritionist

Blink too long and you'll miss her - Jenna's always on the move. She's a textbook example of how to live a healthy body, mind and spirit lifestyle. As a certified nutritional practitioner and registered holistic nutritionist, Jenna has a passion for teaching others how to source and prepare what's grown in the ground instead of what comes from a box.

Jenna is also a joga instructor, a form of yoga taught to competitive athletes. One of her favourite things to do is put hockey players through a series of dynamic stretches! All fun aside, though Jenna has a ton of energy, she still needs to make sure her body can keep up with her schedule. That's where CanPrev comes in. With a line of vitamins, supplements and shakes designed for the high-energy personality, CanPrev ticks all the boxes for the nutritional requirements of someone like Jenna.

Her favourites


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"I love this product because it makes sense for the active individual. It tastes delicious and offers nutrients that are needed to keep hydrated and keep muscles healthy while training. It can also be used for individuals suffering from anxiety, restlessness caused by stress or muscle cramps."

Pro-Biotik 15B

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"This multistrain probiotic is stable at room temperature and that's why I love it! Knowing that ProBiotik is safe to keep in my gym bag, means I will remember to take it! True health starts with a well functioning gut and with ProBiotik's four strains of human origin in it, it offers my entire intestinal tract the protection and support it needs."

CanPrev Core for Women

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“I train a lot of athletes that don't eat well. In my seminars I teach them about eating foods that are more alkaline based, like fruits, vegetables and nuts rather than acidic foods they tend to eat a lot of like beef, potatoes and cheese. CanPrev Core is a great alkaline based product that my sports clients can take post workout for a nutritional boost.”