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“Recharge Yourself”

Adrenal-Pro Recharge Yourself is a completely natural product formulated to increase energy and reduce stress & fatigue

The CanPrev Story

Learn more about CanPrev, its history and its goal to create the World's most innovative and effective Natural Health Products.


CanPrev's Pro-Biotik 15B is a shelf stable, optimally formulated, multi-strain probiotic with five critical probiotic species.


Comprehensive condition specific and clinically effective formulas are created when you merge creative thinking with the very latest scientific thinking.

New CanPrev products!

CanPrev is proud to introduce it's latest innovations in 15 new products, including D3 and D3 & K2 Drops, Protein-Pro + Greens & Berries, Prenatal Multi, Iron BisGlycinate and Thyroid-Pro formulas!

Pro Essentials™

Discover what makes the CanPrev Pro Essentials line so unique, innovative and effective.


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Mind-Pro Formula

Mind-Pro Formula™ is a well rounded formula to support and enhance cognitive health and memory in adults.

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CanPrev products are found exclusively at healthcare professionals and select health food retailers. Find a retailer in your area!