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Complete. Clean. Custom nutrition. Everyday Performance for wherever life takes you.

Compact, complete nutrition

Two scoops pack 18 grams of easily digested plant protein, alkalizing leafy greens, and antioxidant-rich berries like goji and acai equivalent to eight servings of fresh fruits and vegetables plus therapeutic levels of cinnamon for balanced blood sugar.

Core for Men is additionally supplemented with lycopene for the prostate and CoQ10 for the heart.

Core for Women is additionally supplemented with cranberry for urinary tract health and calcium for strong bones.

Every serving contains 28 vitamins and minerals at dosages naturopathic doctors recommend.

Clean, trusted ingredients

Pure ingredients free of dairy, wheat, soy and nuts. Vegan with no artificial sweeteners. All in a finely tuned advanced formula you've come to expect from CanPrev.Supercharge your day by adding CanPrev Core to your morning smoothie, juice or even cocoa.


CanPrev Core provides enhanced daily nutrition and balanced blood sugar for both men and women.

F O R  W O M E N
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Enjoy what's in it and what's not.

In the yoga studio kitchen I'll blend a serving of CanPrev Core with a bit of water, half a banana and some frozen blueberries, Core's ingredients are a great nutritional combination of plant-based proteins, multivitamins and greens blend that help when I'm on the go and not able to sit down and have a proper meal.

Jenna Mangan -
Holistic Sports Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor