Spencer Raymond Madden

Adventurer & Explorer

Spencer's motto is, "Think outside the box, no box needed" which should instantly tell you he's not willing to be contained...in any way. Meet Spencer, the founder of Mountain Obsession, a welcoming tribe of likeminded people who share their passion for outdoor exploration with each other and the world. In July of 2015, Spencer embarked on an 18-month solo Explore Everything Epic trek where his goal was to hike any challenging mountain peaks and trails he came across with anyone who was willing to join him. Though he's in excellent physical shape, an old back injury and a knee that sometimes acts up can force him to abandon a climb, something that's definitely not his nature.

Spencer's association with CanPrev began at a health food store, where he literally picked up a couple of products like Pain Pro and Curcumin Pro and started taking them to help with his pain and inflammation. He wanted to learn more about how and why CanPrev products worked so well that he got in touch and the rest is history. Spencer also carries Core, Oil of Oregano and Resvera Pro in his pack as he makes his way from peak to peak. CanPrev and Spencer, a solid team on an epic journey through life.

His favourites

Oil of oregano

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"My secret weapon for staying healthy. I dose with 2 drops under the tongue daily to ward off infections and colds. On the rare occasion I do get a cold, Canprev's Oil of Oregano takes it away quickly. 10 drops under the tongue and let it sit in your mouth for 2 minutes. Swallow. Breathe fresh mountain air. Then ten minutes later get into the Curcumin-Pro and wash it down with green tea laced with organic honey, organic cinnamon and fresh lemons!"

Pain-Pro Formula

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"What can I say other than Pain-Pro works. The amazing synergy between the herbs keeps me on the trail. I like to use it in concert with Curcumin-Pro. Forget advil, forget Tylenol - use Pain-Pro and lots of it! Of course, I always recommend checking with your Naturopathic doctor before starting, but I have seen amazing results with Pain-Pro."


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"This is the product that turned me onto CanPrev. I simply love everything about it. With all of the activity my body undergoes and the prevalence of toxins in my environment, dosing 2-3 times a day with Curcumin-Pro is essential for my performance. A few weekends ago, I went on a 3 day split-board adventure and wasn't hurting at all due to Curcumin-Pro (and some foam rolling post-riding!). I could not think of a better product to introduce to your system if you are just starting out with CanPrev."

CanPrev Core for Men

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"CanPrev Core is a big part of my fueling routine every morning. I use 3 scoops in a water bottle with some filtered water and shake it up. I'm a big fan of the taste and texture with water alone, which is important when you're out in the mountains and you don't have access to a blender and fresh fruits!"