Nir Meltzer and Sean Squires


Meet Nir Meltzer and Sean Squires. Both no strangers to long distance athletic adventures, these guys crave a good endurance challenge.

During the summer months of 2017 Nir and Sean completed a cycle across Canada, that started in Vancouver, in support of Meagan's Walk and Sick Kids.

They cycled for over 49 days, through 10 provinces and 6 time zones, covering over 6500 km of Canadian soil. Their journey ended in St John's Newfoundland.

Their cycle across Canada for kids has raised over $65,000 for paediatric brain tumour research!

Not much slows these two down, but understandably, they often need some extra support to help fuel their athletic adventures. Nir and Sean use CanPrev Magnesium Bis-glycinate to keep muscles functioning optimally and to help decrease stress related injuries, that endurance athletes experience.