Krista Goncalves

Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) & Registered Nutritional Counselor (RNC)

A former marine biologist, Krista is now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) and Registered Nutritional Counselor (RNC) – a qualified practitioner who provides guidance for building and maintaining nutritional wellbeing.

Krista is also a certified fitness trainer and she motivated people to tap into their inner athletes as an outdoor boot camp and fitness training company owner for nearly 10 years. She is an avid outdoors person who enjoys travelling, boating, scuba diving and hiking. The only thing that still entices her to head indoors on a regular basis is blog writing and hot yoga!

Though still keen in motivating people to reach their full fitness potential, her real passion lies in food and how it fuels, nourishes and energizes us. She believes your food should work for you, not against you. The mantra of “what you put in, is what you'll get out” supports her belief that real food, along with some high-quality supplements, can help heal us from many health conditions, or even prevent us from having certain ones in the first place - like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

With over 20 years of diverse professional teaching experience and a deep passion for promoting balanced, healthy living, she feels her contribution to this rapidly expanding and ever-evolving industry is not only important, but incredibly rewarding.

Her favourites


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" I don't know where my health would be without this product. When I was first diagnosed with both hypothyroidism and adrenal dysfunction, I started researching natural supplements that would complement my bioidentical hormone therapy. AdrenalPro was the only one that checked all of my boxes. My hormone specialist was so pleasantly surprised that I found a single product containing all of the components he recommended I take! "

Magnesium Bis-Glycinate 200

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"This is my go-to form of magnesium that I've been taking for quite some time, as I feel most, if not all, women should be supplementing with this multi-tasking mineral. It's great to take right before bed for its naturally calming effect - sends you right off to sleep!"

CanPrev Core for Women

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"It really is an 'all-in-one' product. From a nutritionist's view, it’s a nutritional grand slam. But what I really like about it as a mom (and true smoothie lover) is that it's not too gritty or overly-sweetened, so you can blend in your own flavours. Most vegan proteins have a weird texture and mask what is likely an unpleasant flavour with nasty artificial sweeteners, flavours and fillers. From a consumer's view, I think this plant-based protein powder rivals any in its competition class for taste, natural ingredients, convenience factor and price point."