Ken Leung

Creative Designer

Exhaustion can come in many forms, not only physical. Just ask Ken, a designer who is responsible for creating the look and feel of digital interfaces, and making sure that those devices are intuitive and easy to use. And although Ken enjoys the mental stimulation a creative job gives, his curiosity and desire for self-improvement drives him to do more after-hours, whether it is photography, long-distance cycling, woodworking, or teaching himself guitar. To Ken, it is intuitive that mental and physical wellness are not isolated states. “A creative epiphany and the euphoria of physical activity may seem like two different things,” he admits, “but to a great extent, they are both manifestations of good health.

His favourites


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"Price was a concern...but as a creative professional, Mind-Pro is like an insurance policy. Making sure that my brain is getting the maximum possible support is important. I've been taking Mind-Pro twice a day for the last 2 months, and have experienced a wonderful increase in mental vigour and clarity. Ideas come faster, with more fluidity and colour. There's a consistent mental "hum" throughout my day."

CanPrev Core for Men

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"Since I've been using CanPrev Core, my energy levels have increased. If it was a placebo effect my body would have gone back to its normal levels in a few days but my energy levels sustain from day to day."