Jamie Junker

Mountain Endurance Athlete

Ask Jamie Junker why he runs mountains and he won’t give you the standard punch line, “Because they’re there.” Spend a few minutes with this enthusiastic mountain endurance athlete and you’ll find that his passion for mountain running is real and intense; surprising because he didn’t get started until he was 30 years old and tipped the scales at 240 pounds. For Jamie, discovering mountain running was kind of like finding buried treasure. He knew his life’s passion was out there somewhere; he just had to keep looking until he found it.

Jamie’s goal is to climb every single mountain within a 200 kilometre radius of Banff. He’s well on his way, but he needs the right nutritional support to do it. He says CanPrev Core Shakes give him instant energy and uses ElectroMag on the trail as a quick magnesium replacement on his 55 kilometre plus runs up steep mountain peaks. “When you get to the summit of a mountain and look down and see a tiny speck, which you realize is your car, you wonder how it’s even possible to accomplish that. You’re in a state of euphoria and you feel so connected to your own body and your environment. It’s incredibly addicting.”

His favourites

CanPrev Core for Men

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"If I compare CanPrev Core to other protein shakes I’ve tried, I’d have to say I get a “cleaner burn”. I don’t experience that heavy feeling like I have in the past and that’s how I know it’s nutritionally excellent for my body; I just feel instantly energized and ready to go!"


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"A lot of guys use electrolyte pucks on a run but I just add ElectroMag to some water and it works for me. It helps to avoid the muscle twitches and cramps that I get from running and I recover twice as fast. I also like the taste!"